David Choe X Obama

David Choe X Obama

David Choe Obama Painting Art Variant

"My first drawing ever of Obama was from a photo, where he had all his teeth showing and I was using a black sharpie, so the end result looked like a racist caricature, it’s always been tricky for me to photograph and paint black people without it looking like a racist depiction, but black skin is my favorite skin to render, because there’s so many different undertones and reflections of millions of colors, when Hype Williams made the film Belly he slicked DMX down with oil in a lot of scenes, and the reflections off the skin look amazing. 

So most of you reading this have seen the finished Obama paintings I did, but I got a couple requests from you guys to see how those first early Obama paintings turned out, so just because you asked nicely, here's my first crack at Obama that never got used, never seen till now, and still my favorite.”

- David Choe